In this section you will find some tutorials related to electronics :

We use the drives and drivers from maxon motor, the DCX 22 and the EPOS2 24/2 DC digital positioning controllers.

Feel free to use your own and share your results with the community.

For data communication between the EPOS2s and ROS we use a master and slaves system.

The platform running ROS (laptop, tablet…) is connected via USB to RS232 on the master board, which links up to 6 salve boards over SPI, each of them connected to a maximum of 16 CAN nodes.

We usually use one slave for each body part.

ROS can send a package of motor commands to the master which redirects them to the slaves to move the robot. On the other side, the slaves work in parallel to gather data information about actual encoder position and current consumption of each node, then bring back those data to the master which send it back to ROS. All of this happens at a rate of 25Hz for 5 slaves, so 75 nodes.

We made some custom boards for both slaves and masters. You will find our KiCad projects here : https://github.com/TheRobotStudio/Electronics