Welcome to the OSA tutorials. Here you will learn how to make the various parts of your OSA robot, step by step. We will tell you where to find the different bits and pieces, which tools to use and how. Then you will learn how to wire your robot, add a few electronic boards and sensors. Finally you will learn how to connect it to ROS on various computing hardware and start programming.

Thus the tutorials are divided into 3 branches : mechanics, electronics and programming.

All the tutorials are explained using maxon motor drives and controllers, so we recommend using them for best results. If you want to use your own, feel free to adapt and share your results with the community.

Please rate each tutorial as you go through them, it will help us improving them.

Where to start ?

  • Mechanics : Depending on your budget, you can built from a $100 hand up to an expensive life-size humanoid.
  • Electronics : Your robot is assembled, start wiring and add some electronic boards for communication.
  • Programming : If you already got your robot or want to work in a simulator, you can start programming.