Open source may well be the only way to crack the technical problems and overcome the cultural hurdles of a mass integration of robots into human society. Certainly it seems the only way to do it quickly. Why the rise of the robot is so much harder to achieve than the rise of the computer is a matter of much debate but it is clearly the case and predictions of when we shall finally turn the corner have always been laughably optimistic in the 20/20 of hindsight.

That being said it really does look like we’re on the verge of turning a corner as the progress of a raft of technologies spanning batteries to magnets to 3D cameras to ever faster, smaller, cheaper computers and everything else in between make the almost impossibly difficult really rather easy.

Our contribution is that of an open source android – a complete humanoid robot ready to serve as a physical platform for the integration of all these marvellous new robot technologies.

A major new release is planned for next year and we’re working hard with our strategic partners to make it the most complete android ever seen.